Premium IPTV Panel

Premium IPTV Panel



Premium IPTV is the best IPTV subscription for USA, Canda & Europe It has over 10000 Worldwide Live TV Channels and 100000 VODs, It offers a user-friendly Android app and, It is compatible with all devices: Android, iOS, Smart TV (Samsung, LG, and Sharp…etc), Enigma2, KODI, and MAC, MAG, Windows…etc

Total 10 credits:

  • 7days trial  subscrition = 0.03 credits
  • 1  month     subscrition = 0.1 credits
  • 3  months   subscrition = 0.3 credits
  • 6  months   subscrition = 0.5 credits
  • 12 months  subscrition = 1 credit



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